I have worked as a musician, developer, consultant, architect, DBA, and manager. I live in the Seattle area with a wife and three kids.

So far, my proudest accomplishments — in music, in life, and in technology — has been simply to share the stage with some outstanding people. For example, my SQL DBA team included Robert Davis, Argenis Fernandez, and Nic Cain, among others, each of whom are among the best there is. Most of what I know about teamwork, I learned from playing with great musicians.

I have been recognized for my SQL database expertise with a couple of elite certifications:

I love building things — software, teams, a house, songs, furniture. 

A couple of years ago, my CTO asked me to lead a “Center of Excellence” focused on Application Lifecycle Management. It was a great chance to put these interests to use. I learned a lot and much of the content on site is an effort to share that with others.

I am now actively looking for a new opportunity. If you are looking for someone with an unusually broad and deep technical background, with additional expertise in team delivery, please contact me at johnhicks@compte.com or via LinkedIn.

Thanks for looking at the site.


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