The Agile Series

What is “Agile” development and why it is so hard to implement well? This is a multi-part series of articles that describe what it is, why it works, and what can go wrong.


Team Foundation Server is a Microsoft platform for managing development processes. These articles describe significant customizations, enhancements, tricks, and best-practices.


This section is concerned with coding practices, like performing SQL code reviews, setting up a web project, managing errors in SQL, and more.


A web project How-To

The ASP.NET DNX architecture has changed more or less everything. Forget what you think you know. This walk-through can help you avoid a lot of headaches.

The SQL Code Review

This article presents an approach to SQL code reviews manageable. The detailed criteria can be used by DBAs and developers to ensure that SQL avoids many common pitfalls.

Managing Bugs in TFS

TFS has only a single Bug type, but the real world presents at least two. This article discusses how to customize TFS to address the lifecycle of each type.